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favorite charactersHanna Marin (pretty little liars)
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just so you know, Bryan was kidding about the caleb alison stuff

we know, but still…

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The producers arent making desion about the show based on haleb shippers or any couple ship I think the producers care way more what the executives at abc family (who are there bosses & can have them fired ) think of the show not haleb shippers its a business & we haft to remember there are other people the producer's need to keep happy and I hate to hurt some haleb fans feelings hear but I think what the executives think of the show carry more weight then what we think of the show

i agree with you. Haleb shippers or any shippers don’t have that much power.

what really matters to those executives at ABCFam are ratings. if ratings aren’t good they are not gonna keep spending money on that show. it’s that simple.

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Pretty Little Liars - Gag Reel

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As much as I love Caleb, I hope Hanna doesn't take him back instantly. He needs to work to get her back. Before loving someone else and someone else loving you, you need to love and respect yourself. And Hanna needs to do exactly that. All the time that Hanna and Caleb were together, she was so selfless, she always put Caleb before herself. She needs to think about herself and her future before she gets back with him, for once. Women empowerment is important too.

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I'm getting sick of this Caleb and Allison nonsense.

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Do you know why Tyler changed his instagram user name from Long haired child to TylerJBlackburn?

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I think the producers hate us Halebers bc we don't support Ravenswood and I feel angry. That's not our problem! They can throw anyone there but Caleb! ( Although I don't think anyone else is that kind-hearted and willing to do something that gross for their gf) They are so childish and selfish for such behaviors!!

they can’t blame Halebers for all that is wrong in the world. Ravenswood was just not good enough. i’m ready to move on… the writers need to focus on PLL.

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